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We help you create an effective OHS forms toolkit that you can easily implement and activate in your business.

WHY digital OHS?

Occupational Health and Safety is everyone’s business. As an employer, you have an obligation to provide your employees with a safe place to work, and as an employee, we all want to go home safely at the end of the day.

Nobody wants to be the person who has to knock on the door to tell loved ones that their someone special is not coming home.

Every workplace incident is avoidable. Although, sometimes it feels like systems that are intended to help, feel like the tail is wagging the dog. The multitudes of policies, procedures, forms and paperwork cloud getting the task done. It feels like compliance is more important than actually making our tasks safer.

What if there were tools that were designed to fit in with your work practices? Forms that encourages safe thinking about tasks; leads workers to identify hazards and implement the controls in place… and the paperwork just happens in the background.

A simple and effective OHS Toolkit.

Digital Experts & ServiceM8 Partners

All about making life easy

We love ServiceM8 and streamlining sometime tedious processes. Working the two together makes job-based OHS tasks easier and helps you keep track of your ongoing OHS responsibilities.


Great OHS Forms & Automation for small trade businesses.

  • Checklists, Forms, Templates & Recurring Jobs on ServiceM8 – All this available at your fingertips in your own ServiceM8 account. Note you must connect to Simplifi as one of your ServiceM8 partners for this to happen.

  • ServiceM8 Consultation – If you purchase our Full OHS Forms Pack, you’ll get a complimentary 30min online/phone consultation to learn how to use the ServiceM8 forms and build them into your daily business processes.

  • ServiceM8 Discount – If you’re new to ServiceM8, why not tap into our extended trial and 15% off Discount Offer. Click here to sign up now.

If you need OHS Consultation to support the rollout of these forms, please contact us.


Company Forms available for your ServiceM8 include:

  • Job Hazard Analysis – JSA/JHA
  • Personal on-site Risk Assessment – Take 5/Take 2
  • SWMS Sign On Form – to match any existing SMWS you have in place.

These forms will be ready to go on your ServiceM8 account.

Alerts for key answers (when a worker indicates a task is unsafe, Admin will receive a notification)

Company OHS Checklists for your ServiceM8 account are also available including:

  • Light Vehicle Checklist
  • Ladder Checklist

You can opt to have your Company OHS Inspections and reminders setup including:

  • Recurring OHS reviews & inspections will also be setup as OHS reminders in ServiceM8 – so they don’t get overlooked as you’re busy running your business.

Simplifi is a ServiceM8 GOLD Partner. Additional tailored ServiceM8 consultation is at your fingertips. Further ServiceM8 support is charged at $150/hr +GST.

Need more specific OHS Consultation? Please let us know what you are looking for.


You can buy individual digitalOHS forms or make the most of a package that better suits your needs.

We have developed simple, yet flexible forms that are ready to roll on your ServiceM8 account.

Buy online from us, and we’ll setup the forms on your account and provide some complimentary ServiceM8 consultation. * Please note: Consultation time varies depending on your purchase.

Find out more, or pick from the options below.

Standalone digitalOHS Forms

$ 80from (+GST)
  • digitalOHS JHA/JSA – $550+GST
  • digitalOHS Take5 – $250+GST
  • digitalOHS SWMS Sign On – $80+GST

digitalOHS Forms Pack

  • Our 3 most popular digitalOHS Form
  • digitalOHS JHA/JSA + digitalOHS Take5 + digitalOHS SWMS Sign On
  • This includes 30min free ServiceM8 consult with Simplifi.

digitalOHS Forms & Automation

  • Automate your job-based OHS with all required Forms added to ServiceM8 and OHS Reminders scheduled automatically.
  • digitalOHS JHA/JSA + digitalOHS Take5 + digitalOHS SWMS Sign On + digitalOHS Checklists
  • Recurring OHS reviews & inspections setup in ServiceM8 + Ongoing auto reporting if selected.



At digitalOHS - we help you with OHS Forms - fully automated in ServiceM8 to use daily in your business!

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